Saturday, October 09, 2010

Hispanics are as pro-Democrat now as in 2008

From Pew Hispanic:
In a year when support for Democratic candidates has eroded, the party’s standing among one key voting group—Latinos—appears as strong as ever. Two-thirds (65%) of Latino registered voters say they plan to support the Democratic candidate in their local congressional district, while just 22% support the Republican candidate, according to a nationwide survey of Latinos. If this pro-Democratic margin holds up on Election Day next month, it would be about as wide as in 2008, when Latinos supported Barack Obama for president over John McCain by 67% to 31%.
Even in a political climate that is horrible for the Dems, we still see the magic ratio among Latinos of 2 to 1 in favor of Democrats that we always see. Hispanics are not swing voters.  They are part of the Democratic base. As the Hispanic community grows, the Republican Party shrinks--unavoidably. (Okay, okay, the browning of the Democrat Party might drive some whites to the Republicans, but that is another phenomenon.)

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  1. I'm Hispanic (M/A) and let me explain that religion and politics are intertwined characteristics in Hispanic (esp Mexican-American) culture. Knee-jerk Catholicism parallels knee-jerk Democratic voting. And both are equally ill-thought out as noted in the study recently regarding religious ignorance.

    This is rote, unspectacular stuff; what I find most intriguing is the means and practices whereby the power structure (the Church, the Democratic Party) do everything they can to enforce and perpetuate generational-fomented obedience.


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