Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Does virginity radicalize men?

Do men who cannot get a date take it out on the system? Do they become alienated and politically radical?

Using General Social Survey data, I compared white male virgins 25 years of age or older with other males. (I limited the sample to heteros only). Radicalization could conceivably be to the left or the right, so I calculated the number of men who identified themselves as extremely liberal or extremely conservative (sample size = 7,020) 

Percent extremely liberal
Virgins 2.0
Non-virgins 2.3

Percent extremely conservative
Virgins 4.7
Non-virgins 3.9

Neither of these differences is statistically significant. I see no radicalization here.

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  1. Stephen4:10 PM

    This result surprises me. I've travelled in the middle east and my feeling is that the radicalised young men tend to be extremely frustrated virgins.

    The problem is that young men can't get access to women (who are kept in doors) unless both sets of parents first arrange a connection. Unfortunately, it seems that parents are less able to make those connections due to village society being overtaken by city isolation.

    The end result is that the young men miss out on the civilising influence of women.


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