Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Mexican Americans are least politically active

GSS respondents were asked if they have ever attended a political meeting or rally. Here are those who answered yes by ethnicity (sample size = 1,146):

Percent ever attending political meeting or rally

Jewish 52.7
Asian Indian 45.5
English/Welsh 44.6
German 37.9
Irish Protestant 36.6
Irish Catholic 34.4

All Americans 33.6

Scottish 32.1
Amerindian 27.9
Black 25.4
Muslim 25.0
Italian 15.0
Mexican 14.9

Jews and Asian Indians--two smart and economically successful groups--are the most politically active, while Italian and Mexican Americans are at the bottom. Historically, these two groups have been apathetic about politics. Notice how American Muslims are low on the list. Currently, they don't seem to be very political.

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