Monday, August 30, 2010

Are Jews more interested than others in politics?

One gets the impression that Jews as a group are very interested in politics. To look at this more closely, I examined answers to a question from the World Values Survey about how often do you discuss politics when you are with your friends. I limited the analysis to any of the countries with at least 20 Jews in the sample. The table above shows that Jews might be a little more interested in politics than others, but the difference in most countries is not large, and the pattern is not universal.

UPDATE: The picture changes some when I look at the world sample all together (almost 200,000 respondents in many countries). The percent of the 1,723 surveyed Jews who discuss politics frequently is 30.5, compared to 15.1 percent of everyone else. (The number is skewed by Israel.)


  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    It's a shame it's impossible to control for SES or educational attainment.

  2. Tanzania? WTF?

  3. Tanzania? Are they in Zanzibar?

    That's where Freddie Mercury, a Zoroastrian, was from.

  4. The problem with these kind of questions is that they tend to be answered relative to your relatives and friends. Probably Elliott Abrams thinks he seldom talks about politics, at least relative to his Podhoretz in-laws.


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