Sunday, August 08, 2010

Coverage of beer warehouse shooter is cracking me up

Normally, a news story attributing black violence to white racism would leave me fuming, but the coverage of the beer warehouse shooter is so incredibly pathetic, I can only giggle.

This AP story linked to by Steve Sailer vacillates between portraying killer Thorton as a saint and his town as Bigotsville.

I'm laughing because media elites believe it is enlightened to see the world like a black psychopath does. "Whitey's out to get me. He's everywhere, lurking. I'm just a humble little black man trying to make good, but the god-like White Man frustrates everything I do. He watches. He hates. He sees everything. He pulls every lever. He destroys everything. He deserves destruction. I am helpless, but I can kill, and by God if anyone ever had it comin', Whitey does."

The journalist is familiar with this mentality. And he agrees with it. And he considers himself smarter than other whites because he believes it.  That is funny as hell.

A mass murderer has demonstrated that he is utterly lacking in judgment. His take on reality is deeply deranged. Yet these clowns try to gain insight into social realities through his view of things. It's like a physicist relying on a mentally retarded person to crack the mysteries of the universe. That's a bad analogy though since journalists are not anything like physicists.  The deaths are tragic, but the journalism is just terribly funny.

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