Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Retards and mental cases: It looks like Rush Limbaugh won't be able to buy the Rams because he claimed a few years back that Donovan McNabb was being given too much credit by black-boosting sports journalists. (We can see now that the media definitely does NOT root for high-profile blacks).

I've learned from Steve Sailer that sports is PC times ten, especially among journalists (I don't follow sports) but folks don't want to do business with Limbaugh for that?! It turns out that these macho sports guys are actually little girls on the inside.

Race mania is so unbelievable, white nationalists (WNs) are going to be able to persuade people that the races need to be separated because when whites live anywhere in the vicinity of blacks, they turn into instant retards. And while we're at it, WNs will also convince folks that blacks need to be ruled by other blacks so they don't develop a blame-the-white-guy mental disorder.


  1. I don't know if Rush was right about McNabb specifically, but his broader point about press coverage of black quarterbacks appears to be accurate.

  2. To be fair, announcers do use euphemisms to laud praise on unathletic white players, especially in basketball.

    The adjectives scrappy, a hustler, a real go-getter, and a relentless motor are all used to describe white players who succeed on trying real hard and not actual skills.

  3. "To be fair, announcers do use euphemisms to laud praise on unathletic white players . . ."

    However, the sportscasters themselves often rely only on lazy stereotypes to describe individual players. I remember some years ago watching an NFL game in which the sportscasters described a not-very-well-know white receiver as a hard-working possession type who ran precise routes and had good hands. In fact, I later read that the guy was the fastest receiver on the team, though not a particularly good route runner, and not sure-handed. So they can't even get the back-handed compliments right.

  4. Anonymous6:44 PM

    So a bunch of unskilled white guys can best amazingly athletic blacks at sports simply by working hard!?

  5. Anonymous8:07 AM

    The interesting thing about political correctness is that the truth is no defense

  6. I was amazed that even the WSJ editorial board did not challenge the "wrongness" of the 2003 statement in their defense of Rush.


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