Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Among Mex-Ams, is there a relationship between race and education?

I get very few Mexican American students who are Amerindian looking.  Is that a reality or is it just me?

I looked at GSS data for Mexican Americans from this decade between the ages of 30 and 49 (N = 382). The mean years of education for those who give "other" as their race is 10.93. For self-described white Mex-Ams, it's 11.78.  The difference disappears, however, if I limit the analysis to those born in the U.S. The racial gap is created by less educated, non-white immigrants.

I checked, and there is no racial gap in mean IQ (WORDSUM) for the two groups if we limit the sample to American-born people of Mexican descent.

Notice how educational levels stink for both the white and non-white groups. The average Mex-Am, white or brown, can't seem to finish high school.


  1. Have you ever traveled through Mexico? Some towns are pretty white looking. In other towns, it's a mix of white, mestizo, and native, and in others only the businesses are run by whites or mesitzos and everyone else looks almost purely indigenous.

    People don't talk about the differences much. Seems like anyone who speaks Spanish is officially the same race. The reality is obviously very different.

  2. The Undiscovered Jew2:05 PM

    Around 15% of Hispanics in the US are white, and maybe another 15% are 3/4 white.

    The darker ones probably don't even enroll in college, they just go on to blue collar work after dropping out of high school.

    I'll bet Hispanics who view themselves as white are more likely to vote as well.


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