Saturday, October 31, 2009

Like we're surprised--Northern states are most trusting

Gallup asked almost 180,000 Americans if they would trust someone who found their wallet to return it. The darkest states on the map indicate the most trusting states. Gallup concluded that states with higher of levels of well-being and access to services are more trusting. They seem to be hinting that collectivism breeds trust.
Collectivist California and New York are two of the most untrusting states in the country. And D.C. has half the level of trust seen in Utah--that bastion of liberalism.

It goes with out saying that percent white and ethnic homogeneity were not mentioned.


  1. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Its a willful misinterpretation of the data.

    Ive noted the left's response to the gang rape at Richmond high school of a (almost certainly) white girl by 14 non-whites and 1 white (the only one pleading innocent is the white kid). Their response was "culture of objectification of women" and "portrayal of women in the media", et cetera, et cetera.

    It was a rape first, and a racially-tinged rape second. Those 13 hispanic boys probably would not have done this to a latina "homegirl" that they knew, but obviously didn't mind gang raping the "bookish" white girl in advanced classes. The black kid's parent is already howling racism.

    The media is trying with all its might to not mention the race of the victim, but her two best friends were white girls, so thats a pretty good clue.

    Everytime liberalism's effects come back to bite us, their spokespersons (paid liars and spinners) attempt to redirect the concern back towards whites one way or the other. I used to think that an information cascade could finally combat leftism, but it only will amongst the honest. Their leaders are intellectually dishonest to the degree that they will never reconsider their objectives, no matter how overwhelming the externalities produced.

  2. Now they need to do an experiment where they videotape a "lost" wallet in each of those states, to show that the real issue isn't trust, but trustworthiness. People in Northern states are more trusting because they are more trustworthy.

    Diversity makes people less trusting because it also makes them less trustworthy.


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