Sunday, March 01, 2009

Mr. Darwin, my hero: Razib Khan's interview of Greg Cochran rocks, but what REALLY impressed me is that Cochran says that he has 5 children. Now, a guy who shows real intellectual virtuosity earns my admiration. And I say "right on" when I see a guy successfully raise a large family--I know how tough it is. But when I see THE SAME guy do both--damn, the respect goes up multiplicatively. That's a real man.

It's probably the case that Darwin is my favorite scientist because he was: 1) a genius and a gentleman, and 2) a devoted father of ten kids. We need a moral continuum for men with Travis Henry on one end and Mr. Darwin on the other.


  1. I wonder about the extent to which Steve Sailer's concept of "affordable family formation" has played a role in the size of Cochran's family. I'd guess that public schools in Utah are good, and homes pretty affordable.

  2. And if I lived in Utah, that might matter. But I don't.

  3. Anonymous12:21 PM

    There has only been one Mrs. Cochran, I assume?

  4. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Im afraid Jason Caffey, former Chicago Bull, has outdone Travis Henry Ron. He has 10 kids by 9 different women.

    I "think" their is a ceiling for child support after 5 kids, and after that the "guvment'" merely takes a set percentage of your income to be divided up into smaller incriments for the bastards (oops, I meant kids).

    When the thinking and productive get outnumbered by the unthinking and unproductive (as is happening right now), this nation will be in real trouble. Just think, Mr. Cochran, who has done so much good, just got outdone by octomom in one fell swoop.

  5. But I'm sure that there will be several good basketball players among those kids.

    Just think how many of Wilt Chamberlain's kids are playing in the NBA today!

    And what about the rest of the children of past NBA players?

    Evolution in action!

  6. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Utah is actually not one of the more affordable states as far as housing is concerned. The relatively young average marriage age and high fertility in Utah is probably a result of cultural variables.

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