Monday, March 30, 2009

Mainline denominations are worthless

These results from this Gallup poll are pathetic. Look at how Catholics are either more or equally accepting of behaviors the Church teaches are sinful. This, in spite of the fact that non-Catholics include many who claim no religion! And this isn't even behavior, just values. Mainline denominations are worthless.


Jim Bowery said...

The questionnaire about religion obviously didn't ask the right question:

Which was the greater moral catastrophe?:

1) The Holocaust, or
2) The Sexual Revolution

That will give the correct religious classifications of:

1) Holocaustian, or
2) Antisemite

and should be much more predictive.

Jewish Atheist said...

LOL, are you really arguing that the worth of a church is measured by how judgmental its members are? I suspect American Catholics tend to be more educated than Protestants, and they live in more urban areas and are focused in the Northeast. That's probably the source of the difference.

Anonymous said...

"LOL, are you really arguing that the worth of a church is measured by how judgmental its members are?"

Yeah, black churches are really judgemental and they can't do dick for the black community.

The Undiscovered Jew said...

I don't care about about having babies outside of marriage so long as the mother isn't on welfare and am indifferent to gambling and homosexual relations.

I support everything else on that list to varying degrees, so good for modern Catholics.

Whiskey said...

Judgmental means well, making a moral judgment. If people cannot tell right from wrong, they can't operate according to society's rules. Merely acting on the fear of punishment is not enough, eventually there are not enough police, or there is some crisis, or what have you.

Mainline denominations ARE worthless, and have seen people fall away, because the denominations have a watered down, "non-judgmental" Christianity that is really just Post-Christian set of "polite" beliefs that fit in a deeply feminized society.

Non-judgmental means not condemning single motherhood, or fatherless kids, or any other aspect of the libertine, consumerist and status-driven yuppie society.

This is why Catholicism in the US is mostly Mexican, and most Whites are either Evangelical or Mormon, both of which have a strongly defined moral code, requirements to live up to it or at least try.

There is of course, forgiveness and such within these denominations, but they tend to mean something. Not just meaningless rituals mouthed by clergy who visibly don't believe them.

In order for a society to operate efficiently without massive policing, high trust networks MUST exist and usually a shared set of strong religious beliefs are part of that.