Monday, March 30, 2009

Love that hip hop: My neighbors are moving furniture as I write this, and they're playing at about 120 decibels hip hop music that appeals to someone who was dropped on his head as a child. Obviously black folks, right? Wrong. Mex-Ams. I'm not surprised. People of similar IQs gravitate to the same music, and as Steve Sailer reported recently, young immigrants from Mexico weigh in at 82. We're stuck with our lower-class blacks and whites: do we have to import another problem population? Welcome to America the Future. I need a Corona to numb the pain.


  1. why don't u post some stats to back that claim up.

    from what i'm seeing, it looks like there's plenty of whites and asians that like hip hop. could it be that you're just unhip? get over it.

    "According to a study released by Interep Research, a large percentage of hip-hop fans are college-educated homeowners with full-time jobs and annual household incomes of at least $50,000."

    "But according to yet another Simmons-backed venture, the Simmons Lathan Media Group, hip-hop now represents a $10 billion industry whose audience includes an estimated 45 million consumers between the ages of 13 and 34, 80 percent of them white, with a cumulative annual spending power of $1 trillion."

    "Shanghai + Rap/Hip-Hop: Here, young people clearly have the most diverse tastes in music preferences and the strongest market that prefers Rap/Hip-Hop at 37.1% among 15-25-year-olds."

  2. to clarify, i just meant get over the condescension towards hip hop listeners, and not that 120dB music next door should be ignored.

  3. I'm quick to answer the call: the mean IQ of rap listeners is 91 (it was rap that my neighbors were playing).

  4. Skip the Corona. Glue-sniffing will eventually enable you to appreciate your neigthbors' choice of music.

    When in Rome . . . .

  5. Anonymous9:26 PM

    to clarify, i just meant get over the condescension towards hip hop listeners, and not that 120dB music next door should be ignored.

    That's the problem with hip-hop listeners, isn't it? They've just got to share their ooga-booga, thumpa-nigga-thumpa music with everyone with the volume up to 11, all the time, everywhere.
    Hip-Hop seem to consist of "lyrics" about ho's, cars, bling, money and firearms paired with garbage coming from a drum machine. Yeah, that's real hip stuff, you imbecile.

  6. Rap is indeed crap. It's crap music, by a crap culture, made for crap people and listened to by a crap audience.

    More generally, rap has no melody or harmony, no chorus-verse structure, it is nothing but boasting over a rhythm.

    It is essentially a testimony of masculine intimidation, note the subject matter: capping of asses, tapping of asses, and so on. Rappers feud because they are ensnared in the need to belittle rivals in order to build up themselves. It's a raw and brutal king of the jungle competition over women.

    And it's no wonder, deprived of traditional forms of masculinity, that White American Teens embraced it heavily in the late 1980's through the 1990s, into the 2000's, though it's lost some popularity with them now.

    Rap is indeed crap, and is a mark of the near total creative (and otherwise) collapse of Black culture, which once produced musical astonishments. From 1890 through 1965, no other culture and people save the Germans and Austrians of Mozart through Beethoven produce the musical masterpieces of Black Americans from Scott Joplin to Marvin Gaye.

    And just as rapidly, it fell apart.

    Rap appeals to men who have to out-thug other men for women. It's the symptom (not the disease) but as a symptom it's a powerful indicator of loss of cooperation in society, as competition for women heats up.

  7. I really don't get why many Latinos (both U.S. born and foreign born) develop a taste for hip-hop. Those that claim to hate rap/hip-hop are accused of "trying to act white".
    Hip-hop has a fan-base in "high IQ" nations outside the U.S., but I think it's because hip-hop overseas is viewed as trendy/rebellious, and people who have not lived in the U.S. for long have no idea how "charming" the hip hop fan base is.

  8. Brazilians adapt to this situation by building a wall to contain it. Why don't you do the same thing? Oh, you came down on the wrong side of the net asset divide? Can't flee to the mountains?

    Tough luck.

    But, hey, don't be bitter. You still have "options" to choose from: Become meat or become a "neonazi".

  9. Have you listened to the words in pop music or worse, country music? Hip-hop is downright brilliant by comparison. It's not fair to compare black popular music to white classical music. Compare like to like.

  10. JA:

    Bullshit. Like you listen to or have ever listened to country music.

  11. Or for that matter, rap.

  12. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Schwartze Meer,
    I'll pile on JA too, he richly deserves it. He's a pogue and an idiot liberal.

  13. Outstanding contributions from both genres:

    Come on JA, enlighten us. Which rap compositions, specifically, do you find so brilliant? Which country music ballads, specifically, torment you with their intolerable banality as you lumber off to your engineers gig each morning in your Buick LeSabre?

    Hint: Lionel Ritchie does not rap, Barry Manilow is not a country musician, and a Buick LeSabre is . . . well, a Buick LeSabre.

  14. Hey, Mexicans were quick to adopt polka from their German immigrants. As well as German beer-making techniques. Cultural suggestibility isn't necessarily a bad thing. I could do without the polka or the rap, but the beer is still really good. Not Corona. Negra Modelo, please.

  15. Anonymous2:34 AM

    I submit that not one of you guys could "flow" on the mic like many top 10 rappers easily do.

    You are morons for looking for verbal sagacity or inspiration in pop music. It is made mainly for quick consumption, like our fast-food culture dictates. The powerful beats, the on-point rhythm, the improvisatory wordplay - didn't the great Richard Lynn write such things, about rhythm "IQ" in "IQ and the Wealth of Nations"? Doesn't Sailer try to talk about black-white differences meaningfully when he talks about, say, black car dealers?

    But that doesn't make bad-ass Ron Gunhame feel so gung-ho about his blessed existence as a moralizing, self-righteous, prick. I'll tell you what even, I'm gonna take that example from pioneers like you and Clint, and go ahead and call you a bitch-ass crazy cracka.

    Wow, that was almost like fighting in a bar or wrastling gators in real life!

    A pity, too, that your white youth are such voracious consumers of Lil' Wayne and Cam'ron and hip hop culture in general. I mean, it's the kids from the ghetto who live the struggle, but suburban Billy and his bucket hats and oversized jerseys and baggy jeans that's really ruining America. You would think they should peacock WHITE KULTURE and bump Beethoven in the ride when they're "scheming on the chick with the hugest boobs"! It's not like the social milieu has changed any from the '60s at all.

    By the way, did that upset you, that crass language or the fact that braggadocio lyric came from the mouth of white Eminem? Shouldn't one of the most prolific artists of the past decade teach the kids a little something about about the sublimeness of the chromatic scale in G?

    What's strange is that me and this honkey should nominally agree on our politics, ergo, pro-life, conservative, suspicious of tyranny and lovers of knowledge no matter the form, comrades-in-arms against PC and the decline of the Western Civilization. Yeah, I even <3 HBD and evo-pscyh.

    But though I respect the self-sacrificing GSS analysis and Ron's extensive acquaintance with the foremost techniques Western mathematics used to produce those regressions, I'm going to do a little leftist jigaboo, a little shuck-and-jive from my natural inclinations, and call him the WACIST that he is.

    Virtually every post of his concerning NAMs reeks with barely disguised bile and a hint of self-serving satisfaction. Dude, remember that it was mainly your "extremely extended family" still brought African slaves to the West, used them extensively for economic profit, and then fought a bloody war to make them citizens, with all the rights that entails. You guys. Ok maybe not specifically. But I share your enthusiasm for making people directly culpable for the sins of their race. So, you're going to have to make peace with that truth, one way or another.

    And how exactly superior can the genetic endowment of this whitey be, anyway, if the best and most able of your white brothers are consciously sewing the seeds for their own demographic destruction all over the globe?

    It's more than a little something that suggest that our political similarities are merely coincidental. The facts of his political orientation are merely incidental to the instrumentality of feeling righteous and superior. In some parallel universe, a time when Detroit is a still a good whitebread city and Bruce Springstein is still on top of the music industry, Ron might be a union boy ranting about disappearing manufacturing in Huff Po or on Kos. Or in yet another universe, some sort of dystopian Red America, he'd be right there policing the mean streets from NAMS and abortionists, breaking backs and cracking skulls.

    You've made clear your respect for and welcoming of refreshing and irreverent candor within your blog space. Well let me indulge you and say this.

    Perhaps one day it will finally come, that heady first day of the FINAL RACE WAR that you and others eagerly anticipate, where whites proudly stand together in ideological, but most importantly, ethnic solidarity, mobilized against the NAM menace. And of course no one doubts that you'd be at the front of the line with the best of 'em in the black trench coat handling the Ruger.

    And of course the cretinous blacks and Mexicans would only be so happy to cooperate, with their fast-twich musculature, low IQ, low time preference, high testosterone (and bigger penises). It is a truly magnificent vision, isn't it? Perhaps...but there will be resistance.

    And when that day comes, you'd best bring all of it on, motherfucker.

  16. Reading it over, I thought I had misspelled "Bruce Springsteen", but then I realized I just made him Jewish just to piss you off.

  17. silver5:32 AM

    When in Rome . . . .

    ...ask yourself what you're doing there and if you don't belong, leave?

    Rap is indeed crap. It's crap music, by a crap culture, made for crap people and listened to by a crap audience.

    That's crap! Well, okay, it's true, but not completely true. Rap was an interesting, promising art form during its early years (comparable to European experiments with electronic music). It was the rise of "gangsta rap," which admittedly arrived not long after rap's inception, that killed it, or rather sent it hurtling down the path of destruction, sweeping groups most prone to degeneracy along with it. But in its appeal to that which is most primal in us it's not that different to its white counterpart: the various forms of metal.

    Soul Searcher, calm down. Instead of taking your anger out on "honkies," take it out on the people who sold you -- me, us, everyone -- the "diversity" bill of goods.

  18. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Anonymous at 2:34 am:
    It is sowing, not "sewing." And a Ruger? WTF? More magazine capacity is needed to shoot all those NAMs.

    Ize guess ize gonna seez you on da streetz, dawg. Keep fightin' da power!

  19. @ Soul Searcher

    Welcome! This month is the 3rd anniversary of Inductivist. It only took three years for a black man to show up to read my blog on the statistics of race.

    Would you like me to guarantee that 10% of all comments will be saved for you?

  20. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I'm gonna get the Black Panthers on you, Racist Ron! You reap what you sew!

  21. Anonymous9:33 AM


    "Welcome! This month is the 3rd anniversary of Inductivist. It only took three years for a black man to show up to read my blog on the statistics of race."

    A sad but illuminating conceit of yours, I'm afraid. I've been reading this blog since the summer of '07, back when you used to make pithy and interesting posts instead of incessant whining about NAM oppression and your superior morality. Now that the Audacious Epigone and Le Carrefour have upped their GSS game I no longer have to wade through your issues to discover something interesting in the evo-bio blogosphere. Your shtick was once an unexploited niche, but now amateur HBD analysis is burgeoning.

    Keep fighting that good fight though, making your blog ever more questionable to read at work or refer polite company to. Definitely hitting those who care where it hurts, speaking truth to power, all that good shit.

    Would you like me to guarantee that 10% of all comments will be saved for you?

    Nah brah, don't worry, not your call. My homie in the Oval Office says we can float a percentage to him privately after the Ashkenazim have had prime pickings. Or he takes away that Ruger.

    Also you realize my South Central vatos also gots important shit to speak on. Fa real, they ain't got no voice at all to defend themselves here!

    But yeah, sure, after you take care of that, you can do whatever like. It better be good deal though, lots of historical debts to repay.

  22. ...lots of historical debts to repay.

    Yeah, how does that feel getting fat on the suffering of your ancestors? Noble, I guess.


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