Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The greater male interest in politics is universal: The World Values Survey asked people from 43 countries if they were interested in politics. Fifty-nine percent of men and 45 percent of women said they were, either a lot or somewhat. Alone, these numbers don't raise my eyebrows much, but as I look down the list of countries, I notice that the greater male interest is true in every country. (South Korea has greater female interest in the year examined, but I looked at the 3 other years that the question was asked and the male numbers were higher in each case). The country with the smallest gap is northern Ireland (37% v. 32%) but a small difference isn't a surprise since the general level of interest is very low. Japan is on the other extreme with 74% of men interested, compared to only 51% of women.

Men and women are not only different--they're different everywhere.


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  2. Jo Esperanto12:30 AM

    Government is violence institutionalized. Politics ultimately is about who gets to kill whom and for what reasons. Since men are more likely to die a violent death than women, largely at the hands of other men, it follows that men will take a greater interest in politics.


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