Monday, July 03, 2006

Which group makes the best fathers? The growth in father absence is one of more alarming trends in recent American history. It has become the norm in black neighborhoods. So in this age of irresponsibility, who is doing the best job of getting and staying married when children are born? Here is the percent of fathers who are married for various American ethnic groups (from the GSS):

1. East Indians 95.5
2. Filipinos 94.4
3. French Canadians 90.0
4. Poles 82.1
5. English/Welsh 80.0
6. Dutch 74.5
7. Mexicans 74.4
8. Chinese 72.2
8. Scots 72.2
10. Irish 71.9
11. Italians 70.9
12. Germans 70.8
13. Norwegians 68.0
13. American Indians 68.0
15. French 65.4
16. Puerto Ricans 59.5
17. Blacks 48.7

Brown people are at the top and bottom of this list. Very few East Indian or Filipino fathers are not married, compared to half of blacks. Clearly, paternal commitment in the black community has collapsed. It survived Jim Crow just fine, but fell like a house of cards under liberalism. Puerto Rican men also have high rates of father absence. Chinese fathers are known for devotion to their children, but perhaps life in tradition-destroying cities like San Francisco have eroded this.

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