Thursday, July 06, 2006

Diversity breeds violence

A quick glance at one of my university's periodical databases produced three studies showing that communities and nations with more ethnic diversity have more violence. This isn't the least bit surprising, but you'll never hear it talked about by the MSM as an important reason why the U.S. has a high homicide rate, or how perhaps diversity is a burden, not a godsend.

1. Osgood, Wayne et al. 2000. Criminology.

2. Roundtree, Pamela et al. 2000. Criminology.

3. Hoskin, Anthony. 2001. Justice Quarterly.


  1. Anonymous10:16 PM

    I made a (sloppy) site that people here might find interesting:

  2. JSBolton2:31 PM

    Joanna Shepherd of Clemson U. has a study which finds that violent crime peaks at maximum diversity on the county statistics, corresponding to 50/50 majority/minority.
    This result is close to that of Griffe du Lion, who finds a peak a little over 50%. Both are searchable on the internet.

  3. Anonymous3:36 AM

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