Thursday, March 17, 2016

Trump should win AZ

Am I missing something. Conventional wisdom says that no one breaks Trump's way in the last few days. Exist polls from Tuesday by the NYT beg to differ as you can see above.  According to RCP, Trump is up 13 points in AZ with one-third undecided.  If AZ is anything at all like FL, a plurality of late-deciders should go to Trump, and he should win. 

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  1. To pithily answer your rhetorical question: No, you were not missing anything.

    The punditry class has been and continues to be embarrassingly incorrect in nearly every attempt they make at prognostication. What I am missing is why they are still taken seriously. Guarantee you or I could run circles around a Fox News "expert" panel predicting outcomes on so and so primary night.


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