Saturday, March 26, 2016

High-decorum Republicans hate Trump

Let me expand on the idea that very religious people tend to dislike Trump.  It's not just religious people. It's what I would call high-decorum folks. There is certain kind of person--or maybe two kinds of people--who place a premium on being associated with high symbols, whether symbols be religious or social.

For the first type, maybe it's more internal. I've met many religious individuals who have high standards and are very proper. I suspect it's a component of conscientiousness, and it's seems like an internally-directed trait.

The other kind of person is more concerned with the opinion of others and is very motivated to associate himself with symbols of high status. If he feels he is being linked to low rent people, he's very uncomfortable.

These traits seem to be part of the story of why some Republicans hate Trump so much while others like him. Sure, ideologies matter, but it looks to me like more is going on. Trump is very distasteful to people who really care about such things. Many ordinary people enjoy what's low and that doesn't get in their way of liking him. I find politics in general to be very ugly and sleazy--a constant con game perfectly made for conmen. I get disgusted at piety and self-righteousness, not sleaze. When people get all exalted with this stuff, my reaction is, what horseshit.

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  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Add to that, people with high propriety are probably more likely to believe that if you're not succeeding, it's because you're failing because of your personal traits. So appeals to fix the system fall remarkably dead to them. Unless they're either at the extremes of Libertarianism - giving the "bad people" the freedom to fail and suffer the consequences of their impropriety - or moral coercion - forcing the bad people to be good and behave properly - and Trump's largely are not like that. Either way, for the proper, a lot of it's about stopping those horrible improper people who are enjoying themselves from enjoying themselves...


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