Saturday, March 24, 2012

What percent of whites don't like blacks?

I have a white friend who is married to a black woman. "Converts make the best zealots" certainly applies to this guy. He rants constantly that George Zimmerman proves that white racism is still alive and well. After reminding him that Zimmerman is Hispanic and that anecdote is the weakest form of  evidence, I bring out the big guns: the General Social Survey.

Respondents were asked in 2002 how warmly or cooly do they feel towards blacks as a group. Answers ranged from "very warm" (1) to very cool (9). Among whites (sample size = 2162), only 11.4% percent gave a cool answer (answers 6-9). Only 2.3% said "very cool." (Blacks were asked the same question, and 5.9% gave a cool answer for fellow blacks.)

Next, I calculated median education and income for whites giving cool answers. It is 12.0 years of school and the income range between $25,000 and $29,999. So whites that don't like blacks are, on average, uneducated, and they have low status jobs. They don't run anything and so are in no position to deny blacks jobs, etc.

While we're at it, 15.6% of blacks (sample size = 405) feel cool toward whites. Four percent answered "very cool." And the share of whites who are cool toward whites: 4.7%.


  1. The fact that Whites with lower incomes and less education say they are 'cool' toward blacks is not surprising, since I've read for years that the more education, the more likely one is to be liberal. The less educated (say, those with only 12 years of schooling) possibly feel more comfortable reporting politically incorrect 'feelings'.
    And I suspect that, because of PC, the more affluent and educated Whites might tend to censor their politically incorrect feelings. So I wonder how valid the study is.

    Oh, and it seems unsurprising that a greater percentage of blacks say they feel 'cool' toward Whites; whether there really are more blacks who have animosity towards Whites, or whether they simply feel freer to admit it, it's not surprising.

  2. Anonymous2:43 PM

    The more important issue is not differential hatred among various sub groups of whites toward blacks but the rise in hatred toward blacks over time.

    It seems to me that white tolerance of blacks had declined since the death of King. Certainly Al Sharpton is a digfficult man to like. I interpret whites voting for Obama as an act of desperation. Black behavior worsens and the only effective remedy had been imprisonment.

    Our black population segment is so much easier to live with if we put the young black men in the slammer for a big chunk of their lives.

    The liberal excuses are getting worn. It used to be that education was promoted as a soltion but it has become clear that blacks are uniquely hard to educate. They act up in class and are slow learners. We tried giving them homes. We tried giving them income. Prison works better.

    Blacks were better citizens a century ago. Read Sowell.

    There simply won't be any more appropriate jobs for blacks. The agricultural jobs are gone. The heavy industry low skill jobs are gone. Those central city unemployed blacks can compete for the software development jobs against Americans of Chinese extraction. Good luck.

    Detroit is filled with Americans of an obsolete race. Clint was wrong. It's not half time. It's game over.

  3. HEAR YE! O HEAR YE!! Wanna be at my BIG-ol, kick-ass, party-hardy celebrating our resurrection for maaany eons in Heaven? A profusion of peace, eternal plethora of paradise, palm trees, 72ish degrees, fuzzy navels, pink, picturesque-portions-we-possess, without price, nor passwords, nor plastic, miss gorgeous? You’re more than welcome; you’re most invited --- God only gives bawls to those who see the need for humility:

    James 4:14
    Micah 6:8
    Luke 13:24
    Acts 2:21
    """" 5:29
    John 3:36
    """" 21:25
    1 Peter 4:8
    Romans 8:18
    2 Timothy 2:22
    1 Corinthians 11:1
    Isaiah 1:17
    Daniel 12:3
    Ecclesiastes 3:30
    Galatians 4:16
    Genesis 12:3
    Proverbs 8:35
    Psalms 73:25

    Be at peace. God bless you.

  4. Comparing black and white men is so disgusting. Well, I appreciate your thought but for me, why is it that wherever you go,whoever blogpost you read there's always a discrimination? what's happening around the world?
    Are they that mad at all?

    I do hope that this kind of event will change.


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