Monday, September 12, 2011

Hi Mom

I need to post something. You'd think I have a Jewish mother, or something. She worries about me all the time, but doesn't want to bother me calling too often, plus sometimes I'm hard to reach. So she checks my blog. If he's posting, she tells herself, at least I know he's not dead.


a mom said...

Call your mother, Ron. Often!

Anonymous said...

Ron, is your mom your biggest fan?

Not being snarky.

I am a mom and biggest fan of my kids. They like to hear from me cause I stroke their egos.

Anonymous said...

do us a favour then, drop dead.


Florida resident said...

God (or whatever other entity) bless your beloved mother, dear Inductivist.

Respectfully yours, Florida resident.

hbd chick said...

that's so sweet! (^_^) (on both your parts.)

Anonymous said...

Obvious troll is obvious.