Sunday, January 23, 2011

The March for Life

My wife and I stand with our brothers and sisters who will be marching for life in DC tomorrow. I've posted a clip by one of my favorite priests, Father John Corapi (you can watch him on EWTN). I like to call him General Corapi.  Would that all eunuchs for Christ had his cajones.

By the way, I need to get me a job on the East Coast so I can participate in all the great political events I miss. Did you get the word that the National Policy Institute is going to stream live the American Renaissance conference in North Carolina on Feb. 5-6? I plan to put on a suit and tie just so it feels like I'm there. I've never attended, but I remember when I first saw Jared Taylor on C-SPAN in 1996. I had read The Bell Curve but thought the AmRen folks were nuts. Later, I read Paved with Good Intentions and all the other great race realist books from the 1990s, and was convinced by 1998. If there were any lingering doubts, they were completely destroyed when I read Jensen's g Factor.

I just read Auster's Path to National Suicide and want to cry that I didn't not read it when it first came out in 1990. According to the book, "his appearance on CNN’s “Crossfire” in 1991 marked the first time the cultural impact of immigration was critically discussed on national television." I was just a kid at the time, and "Crossfire" got me interested in politics. Just my luck that I missed the program with Auster--I might have avoided years of liberal foolishness.

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  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Generally smarter people are more successful at whatever they attempt. I guess that applies to collective suicide as well.


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