Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is virginity dead?

Looking at my students today, I wondered if any girls make it all the way through college still virgins. The General Social Survey (GSS) has 129 girls ages 21-22 who were asked sometime in the past decade about sexual partners. Unfortunately, they were only asked about partners since age 18. I eliminated any girls who reported no sex with males but some with females, and I limited the analysis to the never-married. The percentage I came up with is 15.5.

So roughly 1 in 6 make it through graduation age maintaining their virginity (perhaps some of them slept with someone before age 18, but I doubt there are many). God bless 'em. You might be thinking they must be the fat, ugly ones, but when did that ever stop a guy? 


  1. Saint Louis9:52 PM

    A good friend of mine is 29 and still a virgin. She's a relatively traditional Catholic. She's not fat or ugly (though not exactly beautiful either, probably a 6).

    I have two other male friends who went to law school with me (ages 26 and 27) who - although they've never told me in so many words - I am positive are both virgins. One isn't religious at all and one is a mainline Protestant. They are however, both very conservative. Both are of average build and looks. Both are also a bit on the nerdy side (though no nerdier than the typical law student).

    I would bet 20-something virgins are more likely to be men. Any data on that?

  2. 9.8% of guys are virgins (following the same rules I used for the women--n = 123)

  3. You already showed that fat chicks are not very chaste. I don't know if the G.S.S has data on ugliness.

  4. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Virginity and chastisy is still alive in traditional conservative circles where one installs a traditional conservative worldview versus a liberal one. Virginity is generally dead in the secular circles though. Oh and libertarian women don't count as conservatives. I can't count the many things people told me ''She's conservative and has done *insert this*''. Turns out they were always libertarian.

    ''I would bet 20-something virgins are more likely to be men. Any data on that?''

    ManWhoIsThursday before he closed his blog did something on that. He found that female (and male) virgins still exist and that male and female virgins seek one another while male and female sluts seek one another. He called his post ''The Myth Of the Player Marrying a Virgin''. Basically people with the same beliefs seek others with the same belief system.

  5. Sideways7:16 PM

    I'm reminded of

    The okcupid virgin game which shows pictures of two people and asks players to guess which is a virgin. I'm pretty good at getting males correct, and maybe not even significantly better than .500 at picking females.


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