Sunday, January 02, 2011

Atheism associated with acceptance of HBD?

A reader at iSteve's thinks that many atheists accept HBD. The logic seems to be that atheists are clear-thinking, tough-minded people who see through sentimental views.

A large sample (6,613) of whites were asked by the GSS about their belief in God, and about whether or not they believe that blacks are innately less intelligent than whites. 4.6 percent of atheists answered yes; 13.6 percent of those who "know God exists" said they believe in innate racial differences.

This pattern is consistent with the view that atheism encourages liberalism, not realism.


  1. A reader at iSteve's thinks that many atheists accept HBD.

    Oh man, that was funny.

    Atheism is essentially equivalent to leftism. I've covered this at my site in a few posts:

  2. FWIW: I'm a hardcore atheist and skeptic.

  3. What is this HDB thing? Three letter acronym for what?

  4. Anonymous5:02 AM

    I can see where that idea would come from, as most modern atheists are people who at least have an impression of themselves as deeply scientific rationalists usually to a rather philosophically naive and Positivist degree, and are prone to making somewhat 18th/19th century statements about "Reason!".

    On the contrary, religious people seem to be people who don't have any trouble saying "I know this is true, and I don't need to prove empirically why this is the case, nor by rational argument!"

    But a) a lot of modern atheists are poseurs, b) many of them are unfamiliar with what the science actually says and will usually spout a bit of Gouldism when asked about racial groups and c) there are lots of blank slate and other human equality based propositions rooted in the Enlightenment they idealise.

    I also think that people in the HBD-sphere overemphasise how necessary a strong belief and understanding of evolution is to a belief in HBD. This is mostly useful (beyond the fact that it gives a richer and deeper understanding) for skeptical people who are not willing to accept that groups may differ in ways that seem unflattering "just because" even if that's what the evidence says, but you don't need to understand the entire process of why people differ to understand that they do differ.

  5. Atheism is essentially equivalent to leftism.

    Pure nonsense.

    FWIW: I'm a hardcore atheist and skeptic.

    Wow! Can I be your friend?

  6. "What is this HDB thing? Three letter acronym for what?"

    Human Biodiversity

  7. Race/Hist has posted a study on racial-preference in physical (sexual) attraction by political-leanings and religiosity.

    Summary of section on religiosity:
    "Those whites indicating they were either Atheist, Areligious, Agnostic, or Spiritual were not as physically attracted to whites as the more religious. This trend appears in both genders. The white Atheists had the lowest rates of physical attraction for other whites, again in both genders."

    Chart of the findings.


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