Sunday, July 25, 2010

NAMs much more optimistic about the future

Pew reported an interesting finding. A sample of Americans were asked: "When your children are the age you are now, will their standard of living be much/somewhat better, about the same, or much/somewhat worse than yours is now?" 

The racial differences are striking. While 69 percent of blacks and 64 percent of Hispanics answered much or somewhat better, only 38 percent of whites answered this way. Why are minorities so much more optimistic? 

I think there are several possibilities. Perhaps the simplest explanation is that minorities feel better about the current administration which, in turn, makes them more positive about the future. 

Second, non-Asian minorities are poorer than whites, so perhaps kids moving up from poverty seems more feasible than middle-income white kids moving up to the upper-income bracket. 

Third, minorities sense, especially in the middle of a liberal administration, that government is always growing, and government is good for them and their kids. Whites, on the other hand, may see the same thing but are more likely to think that a growing government will impoverish their children.  

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  1. Isn't it pretty well known that gloominess and depression are high IQ traits?
    Look at suicide rates by race.


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