Sunday, June 20, 2010

Worldwide Anti-Semitism by Religion

As a follow-up to the last post, I was curious about the global level of anti-Semitism in various religions. The World Values Survey asked people about not wanting a Jew for a neighbor in 55 different countries (N =  93,967).  The percentage who answered that they did not want a Jewish neighbor is listed below by religion:

Percent not wanting a Jewish neighbor

Shia 96.2
Sunni 65.5
Hindu 50.5
Muslim 35.2
Buddhist 31.2
Christian 27.5
Independent African Church 22.8
Evangelical 22.0

World 17.9

Orthodox 17.6
Roman Catholic 14.7
Protestant 9.6
Jews 9.0
Free Church/Non-denominational 5.9
Baptist 4.6
Anglican 0.0

It won't surprise anyone that Muslims are at the top of the list.  It is striking that almost all Shias and two-thirds of Sunnis feel this way--it is very widespread, to say the least. 

But Hindus and Buddhists are not the first people to come to mind when contemplating anti-Semites. Half of Hindus--what is that, like a bazillion people--don't want a Jew living next door. 

I'm glad to say that my fellow Christians, especially mainline and Protestant, tend toward the bottom of the list. They're not angels, but hey, 9 percent of Jews don't want to live by Jews.  My Jewish neighbors have been great, except for one the guy who kept inviting elders over to plan something. 

UPDATE: Evidently, Hitler is hot in India. (H/T HBD Books).


  1. 9 percent of Jews don't want Jewish neighbors, and only 7 percent of Germans don't? Irony.

  2. That Baptists fall so much lower than Evangelicals surprised me.

  3. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Maybe some secular or or lax Jews don't want a more observant Jew neighbor harping on them or ratting them out at temple.

  4. What explains the gap between Sunni & Muslim? I don't think there are enough Ibadi Muslims to bring down the average.

  5. dearieme12:14 PM

    An American acquaintance once asked me how many of my friends were Jewish. I replied that I didn't know. That answer is plausible where I've lived; is it plausible in any parts of the US?

  6. That answer is plausible where I've lived; is it plausible in any parts of the US?

    In the Northeast, particularly around NYC, a lot of people are one-quarter Jewish, one-half Jewish, etc. Popular mixes are the pizzabagel (Jewish-Italian) and 'Chewish'.


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