Monday, June 07, 2010

Hispandering pays every time

The Gallup chart shows that Obama's approval among Hispanics jumped after he condemned Arizona's new immigration law in April, proving the truism that pandering on illegal immigration is crucial to gaining Latino support. 

And while we're at it, the chart also shows the sensitivity among blacks to the President's performance. 


  1. Anonymous9:57 PM

    For the life of me, I can't understand the static numbers for white support. My liberal white friends are enraged about two things--using your word, his "pandering" about illegals and the shoving through of the health care legislation when it was clear the public didn't want it shoved through.

    Another thing -- they once supported the stimulus money spending, but now see it as money thrown down a rat hole. I wouldn't say I 've heard/seen them exhibiting rage about this; however, I think I've noted in their comments embarrassment that they were taken in by candidate Obama, and on this issue they say they are "disappointed" that all the spending has done nothing but grown the debt and insured coming inflation.

    From what I can gather from their comments, they view him as far to the left of where they perceived him to be during the campaign, and they seem to be coming to the realization that his lack of executive experience, in fact his lack of any experience in anything, is showing. One who voted for him actually did sound like a conservative: "What should we have expected from a community organizer and college lecturer."

    My circle of friends are teachers, center left, but not far, crazy left. Because their classrooms are full of illegals, they see Obama's political game playing about illegal immigration (we live in CA) as political game playing at the expense of them and their own kids, whom they have placed in private schools at the secondary level.

    They are not happy with Mr. Obama and the response to the oil spill seems to have placed an exclamation mark on their concerns.

    So, it simply astounds me that those numbers for whites have remained steady.

  2. Haha, even Obama is too far to the right on immigration for the Hispanic crowd.

  3. Anonymous3:02 PM


    I see where the left is going on the immigration issue by the editorials Ive read in my local newspaper, and the curiously "stagey" letters-to-the-editor generally always written by the most Waspy-names that repeat the same talking points over-and-over:

    Their meme seems to be this:

    1) Our current immigration system is broken, and we need "comprehensive" reform. The word "comprehensive" is almost always used.

    2) We need to provide "a path to amnesty" for those here illegally.

    3) We need to increase the numbers who are allowed in, even raising the number of immigrants allowed in per year to 3 million.

    4) Very vaugue gibberish on securing the border is usually spouted-off about thereafter, but the gist is something like, "after all of the above is accomplished, then we can work on our border".

    If nearly 20 years of paying much attention to the political antics of liberals have taught me anything, that #4 is an afterthought that would never be accomplished if the left had its way.

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  5. Anonymous8:23 AM

    This is sarcasm, right? The chart shows Obama's share of the Hispanic vote dropping.


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