Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gender, sexual orientation, and forced sex: The National Crime Victimization asks tens of thousands of Americans each year if they have been the victim of crime. Among the many different types, both males and female are asked if they have been forced to have sex. I looked at the 1992-2005 sample that included 924 cases of forced sex. The percent distribution by sex of offender and victim looks like this:

Percent distribution

Male-on-female 80.5
Male-on-male 10.5
Female-on-male 3.6
Female-on-female 5.4

First, I don't know how men are forced to have sex as in sexual intercourse with women since I would think an erection shows cooperation. It sounds like a situation where a man could get excited by the woman and in the particular situation; he didn't want to do it for some reason, but was pressured into it or something like that. Or by "sex" the respondents mean something less than intercourse.

You can see both gender and sexual orientation at work here. Guys--straight and gay--are less than 50 percent of the population but commit over 90% of the sex crimes. No news there. Homosexual offenders commit more acts on male victims than straight females even though they are a tiny group. Lesbians attack half as many victims as gay men, but then again they are roughly half as prevalent as male homosexuals.

Of course I'm oversimplifying because there are people who commit same-sex assaults who say they are not homosexual. This fact has been observed in prison, but it is not expected to happen much in free society where straights have access to members of the opposite sex.

I'm sure someone will comment that sexual assault has nothing to do with sexual attraction, but we HBD-ers don't go for that PC nonsense.


  1. My guess is that most, and conceivably all, of the 33 females who 'forced' men into sex were engaging in quid pro quo sexual harrassment.

  2. "First, I don't know how men are forced to have sex as in sexual intercourse with women since I would think an erection shows cooperation..."

    Erections are, quite stereotypically, not cooperative. At all. They often occur during combat and other adrenaline inducing experiences. Including during prison rapes. This is reported as an additional source of humiliation for men raped in prison.

    Also it's reasonable to think that sex in intimate circumstances is more often turned down on assertion of principle than on lack of desire.

    Neither physical or psychological arousal are consent to intercourse (otherwise all men who are turned on by actresses or models are adulterers).

  3. Anonymous10:24 PM

    I'm a man... and a fairly tough guy - army officer type with some injuries that kept me out.

    A woman in college that was several years older than me (26 vs 20) was at first flirty. I flirted back because she was good looking and very intelligent (my type) and then suddenly very aggressive and pined me down once in a position where I couldn't get out of it. She was attractive but I got my share of women then and didn't want to bang her on such short notice. Nevertheless, she was attractive and skilled enough where I ended up ejaculating inside her.

    Rape? Perhaps... But then again I could have bit her or feigned compliance and then gouged out her eyes. I was paranoid for months that she'd come back later claiming I had knocked her up. So yes I was forced into it. I didn't enjoy the paranoia or even getting off against my will. But it wasn't really all that bad - and it's kind of a complement to have an attractive woman do that to you. I could never be a "sub" though.

  4. Anonymous12:55 AM

    "First, I don't know how men are forced to have sex as in sexual intercourse with women since I would think an erection shows cooperation."

    You couldn't be more wrong. Physical arousal and desire/cooperation are completely different things. A female can definitely rape a male, unfortunately. duh.


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