Saturday, January 17, 2009

More hatefacts: Steve Sailer reports that the racial ranking of STDs is similar to crime with blacks at the top and Asians at the bottom. I couldn't resist finding some completely unacceptable fact (now being called hatefacts) from the same report: 60%, I said 60%, of black women ages 40-49 have genital herpes (compared to 25% of white women of the same age--which is troubling enough).

Now we just have to figure out how the Man gave it to them.

I know, I know. Someone is asking why Ron makes a point of publicizing this stuff. Simple--because everyone is hiding it. If these facts were well-known and nobody cared, neither would I.


  1. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Blacks get more, so they get more STD's. Those black women are fatter too, which you previously showed suggests that they get more, etc. Finally, there seems to be a inverse correlation between IQ and disease, including STD.

  2. Every Month Is Black History Month2:34 AM

    The New York Times story on the STD epidemic barely mentions the racial distribution except to imply that racial discrimination is at fault.


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