Thursday, May 15, 2008

Question: It is clear that blacks are becoming very invested in an Obama victory this fall. If we saw something like a 2000 rewind with the Republican being given the White House, am I crazy to think there might be some Korean stores burned or looted? Might some whites vote for Barack to make sure such a thing doesn't happen? If he is elected, will this be the first time in my life that people won't feel free to call the President an idiot, a crook, or a scumbag, at least in public? If he were impeached, do the Korean storeowners need to get the guns loaded?

As Pat Buchanan writes in his column, it's seems like intimidation is being used to keep people saying only those things that will not stop Barack from winning. Example: Bill Clinton has gone from being the first black President to a Republican-like racist for implying that when Obama won South Carolina it showed that he can win where there a lot of black voters, but not necessarily with white voters.

Black leaders and columnists are having hissy fits over these kinds of statements from Hillary and her husband, which is completely irrational because, how many of them think that race is not a problem for Obama?

What is so dreadful about Bill and Hillary suggesting that some swing voters might not be ready for a black president? In my view, they are incorrect, but any Democrat worried about the electability of his candidate should be asking himself this question. It's a serious question. Look at West Virginia.

If a liberal hero of this magnitude is going to have his reputation ruined by that kind of comment, we can look forward for the first time in American history to a president who gets only the softest kind of criticism from the people who matter. And we will be treated by our neighbor to such shocking comments as, "I don't like the Pres. As far as I'm concerned, he's an... an elitist!"

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