Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Liberalism and caring for others

I must be getting soft--I haven't picked on liberals in a long time.

Liberals are the ones who care about people, right? Especially the innocent ones, the children. Except when the other people are your spouse, and the children are your children.

More than 16,000 people were asked their political orientation and if they had ever cheated on their spouses. The percentages are shown in the graphs above.

In the top graph, we see that liberals are allergic to marriage--the more liberal you are, the less likely to have ever jumped to broom. But we can't look here to compare rates of infidelity since it doesn't make sense to give all those never married liberals credit for never having cheated on their spouses.

So, we turn to the lower graph which includes only those who have ever been married. The results: infidelity goes up with one's liberalism. Extremely liberal folks trounce on the hearts of their loved ones at a rate double that of extreme conservatives--27.5% vs. 12.7.

Liberals try to help abstract humanity with your money, while they piss on actual people--i.e., family members.

Oh, and let me anticipate liberal readers: liars on surveys are conservative.

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