Thursday, January 24, 2008

Which American ethnic group is proudest of their country? Probably English-Americans, right? Wrong! It's American Indians! The General Social Survey asked 1,195 people their primary ethnic group, and how proud they are of their country. Here are the percentages who answered "very proud":

Percent who are very proud of America

American Indian 92.2
Irish 87.1
German 83.5

All Americans 78.1

Italian 77.4
Mexican 75.9
English/Welsh 74.2
Jewish 67.7
Black 66.0

Blacks and American Indians have responded very differently to the injustices they have experienced. Not only are they on opposite poles here, blacks overwhelming vote Democrat, while Indians lean right. (In 2004, 50% voted for Bush).

No one can compete with the Indian number, but it is encouraging to see that Mex-Ams are prouder of their country than Americans of English ancestry. Jews are similar to blacks, but do not have the same kind of history here that would explain the low number. It is probably the case that more liberal groups accept the idea that it's unseemly to cheerlead too loudly about one's own country.

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  1. I wonder why Native Americans are so high? If anyone has the right to feel like America f***ed them, it is the Natives. What could account for their patriotism?


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