Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Do immigrant groups move right as their income increases? In the last post, we saw that immigrants as a group move left, not right, as they become more educated, but a skeptic might argue that we need to look at income since education is a liberalizing experience. The problem with income is that that the sample size is smaller--especially for high-income individuals--so I have to merge all the groups from the last analysis (Chinese, Mexican, Filipino, Puerto Rican, West Indian, Asian Indian). Mexicans are perhaps large enough to show separately as well. "Low-income" is defined as a personal income under $50,000; "high-income" is $50,000 plus:

Percent who voted for Bush in 2000

All immigrant groups
low-income 45.5
high-income 30.8

low-income 46.3
high-income 37.5

Focusing on income rather than education doesn't change a thing: money moves them left. Contrary to expectations, poorer, less assimilated folks are not especially liberal. It's more accurate to say they lean Democrat. They become hardcore as they assimilate. Assimilation for immigrants leads them to become politically more and more like blacks.

Let's look at one more indicator that immigrant groups are moving to the social mainstream--job prestige:

Percent who voted for Bush in 2000

All immigrant groups
low-prestige 52.7
high-prestige 30.3

low-prestige 50.0
high-prestige 39.2

Same story. As immigrants move up, they move left and vote Democrat roughly 2 to 1. If conservatives want to survive as a viable political force, they must oppose immigration across the board.

So, what has all the pandering to immigrants gotten the Republican Party? A very clear message: go to hell.

And I'll say it again: neocons are either fools or liars, or both.

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  1. Anonymous2:44 AM


    Did you know that Irving Kristol headed an organization called "Coalition for a Democratic Majority" as recently as the eighties?

    This one page article traces neo-conservatism back to the Trotsky-admirers who started it,

    Whaddya think of that?


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