Wednesday, January 23, 2008

White ethnocentrism: I don't know why I didn't run across this article on the psychology of white ethnocentrism by Kevin MacDonald before now. I know he's controversial, but it was thought-provoking.


  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    I skimmed this, reading some parts intensely.

    What this author has done is dressed up social phenomena that everyone else has noted conciously, but not often audibly in conversation (for fear of being non-politically correct and seen as racist) with socialogical nomenclature. He's put "names" to white flight and de facto white cultural self-imposed isolation.

    He could have almost as easily wrote the following paragraph:

    As the effects of the 1965 Immigration DE-form act become more apparent and whites become closer to being a minority in the nation their forefathers founded, many whites who can afford it move to gated communities where they are walled-off socially and physically from dark immigrants whom they never really wanted here in the first place. Whites also have gravitated toward sporting and social events that only whites seem interested in and that also make no "outreach" efforts to minorities whom they dont want to see there at all. You can note that these are Rennnaisance Festivals celebrating the Euro-Middle-Ages, NASCAR, Golfing, the Boat-fishing (angling) subculture, Equestrian events, hunting, Lacrosse, and perhaps a few more on the way that will be "invented" that will be "playable" only out in expensive areas of suburbia or on private properties owned by whites out in the sticks. Whites have physically removed themselves to the expensive suburbs, often in planned gated developments where non-residents cant even drive their cars through, and have in many cases attempted to academically remove their newly-hyper-educationally-oriented-over-achieving kids away from the brown/black "lumpenproles" who their presence their parent's didn't vote for also.

    Or he could have just said this: We are moving towards a neo-feudalism where those who are light-skinned and able (usually whites and asians) attempt to remove themselves from mainstream society by moving to exclusive suburbs with aggressive zoning designed to keep people not like themselves out. They intend to be able to affod this by making their kids be the academic all-stars in this nation so they will be in the high-paying professions all in the hope that their grandchildren are bred similarily as they were in an effort to preserve their culture and shared paternity all basically because there are tons of people here now that they never wanted here and didn't get to vote on our ridiculous immigration policy that mathematically guarantees that they will someday be a minority in their own nation. This self-imposed isolation is taking place in these newly exclusive areas and whites more and more retreat from "diverse" events like the NBA our concerts downtown.

    That about covers it in layman's terms.

  2. I kinda liked Roger Devlin's Occidental Quarterly articles quite a bit.

    His latest was not published by them, but I have it up on my blog


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