Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Predictors of a big penis

I doubt that many Inductivist readers want to know how to predict which men have big penises, but what the hell. In a study of 3,762 college males, a list of characteristics reflecting the level of one's masculinity was found to be positively correlated with self-reported criminality. All these factors were also intercorrelated. Here are the correlations with penis length:


Lower body strength      .386
Upper body strength      .378
Amount of body hair      .312
Strength of sex drive     .248
Physical strength           .248 
Masculine mannerisms   .231
Masculine body build      .222
Low-deep voice             .148 

So forget the stuff about big hands or big feet: Look for the strong hairy dude with the deep voice. But don't forget he might be a criminal, too.


  1. No racial correlations?

  2. No--avoiding race is typical in this kind of study.

  3. Well, correlations with self-reported penis length.

    It is plausible that penis size is correlated with androgen-dependent traits, but competitive self-image is also a masculine trait, and could also explain the correlation.

  4. Jason--thanks. I guess you've got to look for the tall guy with the long ring finger.

  5. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Many of these things - physical strength, mannerisms (masculine or otherwise), masculine body build (is that somehow different than physical strength?) - are highly amenable to change by the individual.

    You can change your physical strength and masculine body build just by working out, and your mannerisms even more easily. You can even lower your voice with practice. Only "amount of body hair" cannot be readily increased.

  6. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Do taller women also have larger vaginas?

    -- Maciano

  7. Were these numbers self-reported :|? I know a lot of the stats world wide are just self reported numbers, kinda cheapens the whole thing..

  8. > masculine body build (is that somehow different than physical strength?)

    There's waist:hip ratio, % fat, etc

  9. Anonymous11:12 AM

    jason, that study measured flaccid penises...

  10. Dudes lying about the size of their willies? Naah...

  11. Keep in mind guys that the question is not if men exaggerate, but if men with high levels of other masculine characteristics exaggerate more about penis size. If the bias is equal, the correlation will be unaffected.

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