Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do blacks value education?

Elites, even many conservatives, think racial preferences are justified because blacks are disadvantaged due to a lack of culture which puts a premium on education. Bill O'Reilly said exactly that on his show tonight.

From the data I've seen, blacks as a group think getting educated is very important. The GSS asked respondents to list in order of importance those factors that should be used to determine an employee's pay. Only 103 blacks were asked this question, so I merged those who listed education as either first or second most important:

Percent thinking education is important for determining pay (sample size = 1,090):

Blacks 29.1
Whites 22.2
School teachers 24.1

More blacks think education is valuable than whites or even teachers.


  1. How could only a quarter of the population think that education was "important in determining pay"? If it had asked whether "public education is important in developing job skills" I might have understood.

  2. I guess after looking at it, they ask what "should" be important. That's different. Maybe people haven't been impressed by what they've seen from the educated.

  3. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Heh. Interesting that school teachers have the lowest percentage thinking that education is important.

    That's telling.

  4. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Teachers perceive themselves to be highly educated and poorly paid, so that's probably where they're coming from on this question.

  5. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Could we get more specificity regarding the socioeconomic status of the sample size? Perhaps upper-middle class blacks highly value education, while the lower tiers don't.

  6. Anonymous3:50 PM

    O'Reilly, while better than the progressive idiots on other cable and network news shows, is an idiot.

    He is NOT well read in the social or hard sciences. Of course, none of them are.

    Well, at least Krauthammer probably knows the truth of HBD but he dare not speak it.

  7. The GSS is a nationally representative sample of adult Americans--all classes are represented.

  8. We live in an age of cultural decline that has its educational track to nowhere. NYC has eight schools that require real test results for admission. Thus, a test that measures achievement while correlating highly with IQ establishes these eight as meritocracy fortresses. Rigor is valued by these parents and students.

    Valuing education is cheap but valuing rigor is real ambition. Blacks seem to expect freebies, photo ops, and false praise by liberal lackies. Nowhere do they begin to reflect honest standards and rigor. Education is full of puffery these days and signs of high learning rare indeed.Blacks are on artificial display for appeasement purposes but they are PR props. Rare is a true academic among blacks but noise makers like Cornell West are "on stage" every day. Today every child gets a reward but learning MUST NOT DISCRIMINATE by getting unequal results. At the 8 high schools for the gifted in NYC, discrimination is practiced daily and most kids know who ranks better than themselves. With no PC games to play, learning probably moves rather swiftly.

  9. Everyone says there is this RACE problem

    The problem is we don’t understand the CARS.

  10. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Everyone says there is this RACE problem

    The problem is we don’t understand the CARS.


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