Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mormons and delinquency

These numbers, based on Add Health data, show that Mormons tend to be less delinquent than teens with no religion. Most differences are not statistically significant because the sample includes only 79 Mormons.


  1. So, here's the 64 thousand dollar question. Would it be better for the lower classes to widely adopt Mormonism because it would lower anti-social behavior? Or would it be worse because it would increase their birthrates?

  2. @DR - One interesting thing about Mormons is that it is the wealthy and educated Mormons (the Donny Osmonds, Harry Reids, Mitt Romneys) who have the largest families - because although pro-natalist, it is also part of Mormon culture to be autonomous: NOT to have more children than you can afford to raise without external assistance.

    (This can happen because almost all Mormons use contraception, and therefore almost all babies are deliberately chosen)

    What surprised me about these numbers was the high level of delinquent activity across both groups.

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