Monday, October 10, 2011

Illegal immigration and military spending

According to the GSS (sample = 681), among those who consider immigration to be the single most important national issue, 42.4 percent feel that we don't spend enough on defense. Compare that to only 27.8 percent of all respondents. I suspect that people who are especially concerned about national security tend to be both hawkish and strongly against illegal immigration.


  1. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Did you check out the announcement about the foiled multinational assassination plot, with the official carping about how this shows how we're now in a world where "borders are irrelevant"? Irrelevant, my ass. They're irrelevant because our government wants to make them irrelevant. Just more of that "It's a new world, better bend over and take it" bullshit.They seem to almost delight in making these "There's little we can do" pronouncements on anything related to borders and immigration.

  2. Ron Paul's puppet masters over at have this one figured out:

    Bitch and moan about border enforcement so that Ron Paul's strong position on bringing the troops home to guard the border can be used to make it look like he's his own man on immigration. Meanwhile Ron Paul's true immigration platform boils down to LEGALLY importing hundreds of millions if not billions of "guest" workers.

    Oh, you didn't get that from his speeches?

    What do you think will happen with the combination of:

    1) Removing minimum wage laws, and
    2) Making the only requirements for immigration be that there be an employer and that the employee not be from a state "hostile" to the US?


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