Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Marital decline among women

A reader asked if I could post the graph for marriage trends for women in their 20s. You can see that the percent married has dropped dramatically over the past 40 years. The norm was reversed in a historically short period of time. The rate is higher than for men of the same age, but women experienced a sharp drop in just the last two years: The percent married fell from 26.0 percent in 2008 to 22.5 percent in 2010.


  1. How about dividing it between early 20's (20-25) and late 20's (26-29)?

  2. I'm surprised at how few women are divorced. Isn't the divorce rate supposed to be at 50%? Even if all the divorced women remarried the total divorce rate for women doesn't come close to 50%.

  3. Opps, nevermind. I didn't pay attention that this graph is exclusively for women in their 20's. As a follow-up, I'm wondering how the divorce rate changes by age.

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