Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The decline in marriage continues

This graph shows the decline in marriage among men in their 20s. Fifty-nine percent in 1972 were married. That has plunged all the way to 17 percent in 2010. The drop between the two most recent surveys--2008 and 2010--was 2 points.

Fifty-two percent of men in their twenties who are married attend church more than once a month. In the past year, my religious 21 and 22 year old nephews (the latter is on his way to med school) got married to great girls of the same ages. God bless 'em.

UPDATE: Audacious Epigone has reminded me that there are bloggers who doubt the validity of GSS data. Why haven't I seen them expressing their doubts about the data in the comment sections of this post?


  1. I suspect (if the US resembles the UK) that the cause is delay in women's marriage, which is caused by increasing years of education and training in women

    and the fact that women don't usually want to marry younger men or men of lower status (e.g. less education and training) than themselves.

    But why are women delaying marriage and reproduction in favour of more education and training (although quite often all this preparation does not lead to a full-time career)?

    Another story...

  2. Religious people tend to marry younger because they can't have sex until they do.

  3. Hi,

    Could you post the same chart for women?

  4. Because these bloggers are generally HBD realists, with a few exceptions that are more easily 'felt' than they are articulated, I guess (yes, I know you were being more rhetorical than anything).

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