Saturday, April 16, 2011

Taxes and the breadwinner family

It's a good occasion to make a comment about income taxes. I spend much of my time fretting over the state and direction of the country, but I should focus on the bright side: I paid roughly negative $2000 to the federal government this year. And I didn't even have mortgage interest to deduct. How did I do it? By having four children and a wife who doesn't work outside the home. The government paid me! What a sweet deal. What a country. My thanks to all the childless rich people who make this possible. The status quo feels so good, maybe I'm going to have to vote for Obama in 2012.


  1. Did the government really pay you $2000 or did you just get a refund of the money that you had overpaid the government? If the latter, then you made an interest free loan to the government.

  2. They returned $2000 more than I paid last year.

  3. There's a $1000 per child tax credit in the extended Bush tax cuts---that's probably where this came from. BTW, this credit has a really sinister 'knuckle' phaseout for someone with 4 kids---it phases out over the space of 20K in AGI if I recall, which is an additional marginal tax of 5% per child. I bet Ron tithes also and lives in a state with an income tax.

  4. Ha, Ron. I've got you beat. I make low 6 figures, and paid about negative $5000 this past year. (About $500 withheld, about $5500 coming back.) To do that, I required 8 children, a $200k mortgage, and substantial (about 10% AGI) charitable contributions. But, yeah!. Thanks, rich people!!


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