Saturday, April 23, 2011

Feelings of warmth among races

This table shows the mean scores of how warmly one group feels toward another, based on GSS answers from 1 (very cold) to 9 (very warm). The columns are the judging groups, while the rows are the target groups. "Whites" are "blacks" are non-Hispanic; "Hispanics" are "other race." "Asians" in the judging group are Japanese and Chinese Americans, but are simply Asians in the target group.

Going along the rows, you can see that Asians and Hispanics tend to be the best liked groups. I suppose this puts a tally mark in the plus column on the immigration question. Perhaps Asians and Hispanics tend to be inoffensive? Blacks are the least liked by everyone (except for blacks of course). Must be because whitey taught the others to hate.

Going down the columns, it is not clear who judges the harshest in general. Asian feelings towards blacks are comparatively cool, but they like Hispanics. Whites judge blacks more warmly than others do--white guilt perhaps--but they are comparatively cool on Hispanics and Asians. I see no evidence here that whites have a unique gift for disliking other races. Unless the race is whites--they have the lowest self-directed mean.


  1. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Look at the Black attitude towards Asians; not surprising, at least based on what I've seen. I can tell you from experience that they express their disdain for Asians quite crystal clear.
    Korean dry cleaners and Chinese take-out restaurants in Black neighborhoods are probably masochistic and a bit suicidal.

  2. Reactionary_Konkvistador11:53 AM

    @anon: I think you are reading that chart wrong, either that or I am.

  3. Accordng to the data, Asians are cool toward blacks--not the reverse.


    I think the attitude towards Koreans is pretty clear.

    They come there and make too much money. What's not to hate?

  5. Here's a graph of the same that some might find a little easier to digest.


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