Thursday, March 20, 2008

Younger blacks are more, not less paranoid than older blacks: I hate to spoil the liberal lovefest over Obama's speech with facts, but that's my job, Man. He's arguing that this disturbing conspiratorial thinking is the understandable product of growing up in the pre-civil rights era. Old blacks think this way because they suffered daily humiliations like separate drinking fountains and such. Barack, on the other hand, is part of the younger generation that has a sensible view of racial realities in America.

The Survey of Chicago African Americans asked almost 700 people if they agreed with two statements: 1) "White doctors created the AIDS virus in a laboratory and released it into Black neighborhoods"; and 2) "The FBI and the CIA make sure that there is a steady supply of guns and drugs in the inner city."

Okay, 27.7% of Chicago blacks agree (strongly or somewhat) with the first one and 36.1% with the second. Here is the mean age for each answer:

White doctors created AIDS--Mean age

Agree strongly 47.68
Agree somewhat 46.72
Disagree somewhat 45.66
Disagree strongly 46.38

The FBI and CIA supply drugs--Mean age

Agree strongly 43.83
Agree somewhat 43.68
Disagree somewhat 49.61
Disagree strongly 50.03

Obama is dead wrong. Mean age does not drop among those who disagree with these kooky statements. In fact, just the opposite is true: age drops sharply among those who believe that the FBI and CIA supply black neighborhoods with drugs. These loathsome ideas are more, not less common among young blacks. The claim that Obama's generation is moving beyond race is false.

By the way, if any black folks are the least bit interested in facts as opposed to odious racial fantasies, the drugs coming to your neighborhoods are being supplied by non-whites, some of whom are black. Mexicans, Columbians, Dominicans, and Asians supply most drugs, but Jamaican traffickers have dumped marijuana in black neighborhoods for decades; Nigerians distribute heroine; and some black gangs like the Crips and Bloods have gotten sophisticated enough to bring drugs into the country.


  1. Anonymous3:59 PM

    while i dont disagree- based on my own personal-non scientific observations - with your conclusions, i do not think an average- ? arithmetic mean is the best way of making the conclusions you are making. this is a serious flaw in a blog that claims to be influenced by facts

  2. I would like to see the results segmented by age. 10-25, 26-50, 50+

    I think that might be more revealing than mean age.

  3. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Wow, with comments and blog entries such as this one, I do not have to fathom why I seem to have such animosity and disregard aimed at me in my field and in my general social arena. You spend a lot of time pondering what "the average black" thinks, rather than talking to and engaging an individual black person. Your opinions only reveal the fact that you believe that ALL (it may sound extreme, but it is lingering at the basis of a lot of your arguments) blacks are a monolith, that think in one particular way. You obviously do not have any regard for an individual person, so long as their skin is black. In it's simplicity that is racism. You have excluded a whole subset of people from your social interaction (which will ultimately seep into professional interactions), simply because you THINK, you know everything there is to know about them. How do you expect to have normal exchanges with certain people, if you have such low regard for them before they open their mouth?

    And they say; only blacks obsess about race. Race is at the foundation of too many conversations, across all racial lines. I hesitate to encourage you to talk to an African American, because if you come with so many pre-conceived notions, it will be impossible for you to have an even remotely intelligent conversation. When people have such racist prejudice in their general beliefs, this will affect your relations with people. I do not think young blacks are more paranoid. We are dealing with a more subvert racism, and we know it. You just seem to not want to own up to it, while you sit here and basically espouse the inferiority of a whole race of people.

    I am soo tired of this, that I do not feel the need to entertain or educate idiotic ideas such as the ones here anymore. Nor do I feel the need to be polite to someone who is showing me a high degree of disrespect or disregard (I am a lady, and I expect to be treated as such; if you attack me, I will defend myself, if no other will). If you want to continue to put these ideas out there, then the current state of affairs in the US will persist. These ideas are not the ideals of a truly intelligent person, and they do not help us grow as the Human race either. You show a level of reasoning that is simply retarded, and it will affect your general reasoning. Your quality of life will always be brought down, and you will putter around in the stagnant state of affairs you seem to be in.

    Not really Angry so much as Fed-up Black Woman (ha, just thought, I’d beat you to the punch, LOL!!)

  4. Anon: My post is a data analysis, not the expression of preconceived notions--that describes your comment.


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