Thursday, March 13, 2008

Race silliness from liberals: Nobody scolds and moralizes better than a liberal, but they are simply incompetent at seeing social reality clearly. They have been rending their clothes over Geraldine Ferraro's claim that Obama benefits in the presidential race from being black.

Now, I don't think anyone denies that some people don't vote for him because of his color, but liberals get so weepy about the plight of the black man that they can't see anything else through their tears. I have witnessed pundits actually argue that blacks don't vote 9 to 1 for Obama because of his race. I suppose they believe that blacks are the only colorblind group in America. You have to be on some sort of heavy medication to believe that.

As if the idea needed empirical support, I showed in an earlier analysis of General Social Survey data that blacks are by far the most ethnocentric group in America. People think I analyze the obvious, but when I do it, I am thinking of moron liberals. And if liberals scoff at the idea that blacks see color when they pull the lever for Barack, what do you think their reaction is when it is suggested that some white folks might root for him because he's black? Laughable, they say. "Democrats in Utah of all places voted for him, and we know what bigots they are."

Well, why did they vote for him? Great speechmaking appeals to them while it does not for Mississipi whites? Utahns want a likeable person while Mississippi Dems like jerks? "Well, Obama does well in small state caususes where bigots can be publicly shamed into voting for him." Problem is that Utah is a primary state. "Well, Utah doesn't have bigots like Mississippi so they vote on the issues." What issues, and you just claimed that Utahns were such horrible bigots that it is laughable to think they would vote for Obama because he is black? So which is it?

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  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    You'll like this:

    As some bloggers have shrewdly pointed out, Obama does best in areas that have either a large concentration of African-American voters or hardly any at all, but he struggles in places where the population is decidedly mixed.

    What this suggests, perhaps, is that living in close proximity to other races — sharing industries and schools and sports arenas — actually makes Americans less sanguine about racial harmony rather than more so.

    From: The real racial divide


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