Sunday, September 16, 2007

Homosexuality and IQ: Looking at educational data in a post last year, I showed that men who report exclusively homosexual sex have above average years of schooling. I'm not sure why, but let's take a look at IQ data from the General Social Survey and look at a broader range of sexual orientations (I've limited the analysis to whites since sample sizes are too small for blacks):

Mean IQ

Gay men 104.8
Bisexual men 98.0
Straight men 100.0
Lesbians 102.2
Bisexual women 99.3
Straight women 101.3

First, gay men and lesbians have the highest numbers. In the earlier comments, someone made the reasonable speculation that smart people are simply more likely to admit they are homosexual. (Keep in mind they are simply asked about sexual behavior, not orientation). But shouldn't the numbers also be high for bisexuals as well? They are not. Perhaps smarter people also have the courage and decisiveness to make a clean break from heterosexual behavior? Or, are gay men and lesbians really smarter for someone unknown reason? They seem smart to me.


  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Forget about the gay and bi stuff, what about the 1.3-point gap between straight men and straight women. Isn't the conventional wisdom that males and females have identical mean IQ's, with males having a slightly larger standard deviation? Or does a 1.3-point gap small enough to be disregarded?

  2. peter: The GSS' IQ test is purely verbal (vocabulary), so women do slightly better on it.

  3. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Going by your other data, bisexuals seem higher in screwed-up-ness than other groups. That might be reflected in performance on intelligence tests.

  4. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Dude, thank you for this! I am forwarding this to all my friends.

  5. In this GSS data, the small number of bisexual men repeatedly tend to come out looking like a mess. Maybe it's just a small sample size?

  6. I could believe that gay men have higher average IQs. I could also believe a study that somehow definitively proved that gay men have equal average IQs to straight men. What I couldn't believe is that gay men have lower average IQs than straight men.

    You should take a look at what percentage of men over, say, 115 IQ are gay and see if that's higher.

  7. Anonymous2:12 PM

    If the genes that caused gayness didn't also cause some useful benefit (perhaps higher IQ?), they would have died out long ago.

    Common sense.

  8. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Did I miss where the pool of folks came from? Yikes, we even have some double digits. I wouldn't be especially proud of any of these IQ's. I do, however, think that we (yes, I am)have more time to devote to reading, learning new things, being active in community and social arenas.

  9. Anonymous8:02 AM

    It's mean IQ so its all the IQ's taken put together and divided by how many. It's not just one persons iq

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  12. Anonymous6:06 PM

    That's strange. I'm bisexual and my IQ level is 139.

    Maybe like Ron said it's because the test is purely verbal. That's not a very accurate test. Interestingly, while I was above average in that IQ test for that part it was not as far above average as the others.

    Studies of fruit flies suggest that bisexuality is caused by low amounts of extracellular glutamate, which means that the synaptic transfer of messages is stronger. Maybe slow processing of messages is best for vocabulary considering the complex rules for spelling and grammar and just reaching into the brain to remember defintiions, but the increased speed in thinking should be an asset in other aspects of thinking, particularly in solving problems faster. In fact I know someone who has a speech/language-related learning disability. He's actually a lot smarter at everything else and his speech sounds normal (but he says it was bad in the past). But he misspells almost everything. Oddly he told me that he once "experimented" but says he's not bi any more (though I wonder about that sometimes).

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  16. Guys, leave the women are better at verbal myth alone. Some people need to study neurobiology and linguistics. There is no suggestion of sexual dimorphism in language ability among children (see: Wug test, other psycholinguistic batteries, etc.)

    "Women's strength is verbal". was a myth promoted in the 1950s to discourage women from entering science.

  17. Anonymous10:21 AM

    I'm gay and i've got an IQ of 133, and is also known that many geniuses and important scientists from centuries ago were gay...

  18. does the GSS use a purely verbal test? Because most IQ tests I know have a significant language-independent component.

    "That's strange. I'm bisexual and my IQ level is 139."

    Could be an example of Simpson Paradox -- different subgroups of bisexuality, based on different genetic reasons.

    We don't really have distribution data here, or whether it is accurate to assume that the data will be normally distributed.

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  20. hello friend excellent post, i'm gay and this information is interesting I don't know this men who report exclusively homosexual sex have above average years of schooling

  21. Anonymous7:54 AM

    i am bi..i have an iq of 150.i think the variations are too small to have any significance

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