Monday, September 10, 2007

More on astrology: A reader suggested in the previous post that most of those nutty astrology people are women. Here's the breakdown, according to the General Social Survey:

Percent who think astrology is very, or sort of, scientific

Women 36.1
Men 27.8

And while we're at it:

Blacks 49.4
Whites 28.4

Wow, half of blacks. Moonbeam Obama Mamas is about right.


Anonymous said...

Remember Ms. Cleo?

Jun said...

Don't s'pose any of these people are confusing astrology and astronomy? (I know, I know ... wishful thinking on my part ... and that would be pretty dumb, too, anyways ...!)

Jun (aka Miss Anne Thrope)

Anonymous said...

Apropos: the black chick from The View doesn't know if the world is round or flat!!

- Rain And