Sunday, October 08, 2006

Do men with higher status have more sex partners? Various theories predict this, but the data is what mattuh, so let's see what the GSS has to say....Strike one for these theories: 21% of men making under 50k had multiple sex partners last year, but only 13% of men making more than that did. I'm sure marriage and age accompany higher incomes, and these things do not help a man find girlfriends, but the theories are not supported nevertheless.


  1. It's better to have one quality woman than a series of fat and ugly hags. I know I'm creating a false dilema, but I think quality women, after a certain age, force you to make a commitment or they move on.

  2. Why assume that monetary income is the dominant dimension of social status? Money systems are a relatively recent innovation in evolutionary timespans.

  3. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Is it not likely that the character values necessary for financial/business sucess (hard work, commitment to long term goal achievement, etc.) go along with self-restraint in matters sexual? This seems obvious to me.

  4. Bearded malcontent nailed it: we could just know that lower-status men are less conscientious, that they target women who are less conscientious, etc.

    What the "hotness of high-status guys" theory is getting at is that they'll attract the best of the bunch. So, take a lifetime tally of sex with girls above some threshold (9 out of 10, say). I wouldn't doubt that Donald Trump's nailed more hot girls than a night manager at Kinko's.

  5. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Marriage is correlated with higher income, and it's also correlated with having a single sex partner.


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