Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Are gays really sad? Being denied the ability to marry, are gays unhappy (and s0 perhaps should be called "sads" instead)? According to the GSS, these are the percentages of unhappy people:

straight men 9.1%
gay men 9.9
bisexual men 23.1

straight women 10.1%
lesbians 13.1
bisexual women 15.9

Gay men are the second happiest group, behind hetero men. What guy wouldn't be happy to get non-committal sex whenever he wanted it? As we saw in an earlier post, it's the bisexuals who are troubled. Perhaps we should legalize bisexual marriage. If we did, it would have to be a union of two men and two women so each partner has a partner of each sex. Or it could be three if some partners were hetero. Or if some partners were gay. But now I'm confusing myself. But anyway, for me to be fulfilled, I'd say my nature requires, hmmm, 3 wives: one new young wife each decade until I'm too old to care.


  1. Is it the bisexuality that is contributing to the unhappiness or the unhappiness that is contributing to the bisexuality? I know a bisexual female and she is, in fact, often very unhappy. Unfortunately I only started to know her after she became a practicing bisexual. Had I known her before, I might know a little more about which came first.

  2. In the General Social Survey, the ask about prior sexual behavior and current happiness. This might mean that the correlation is the result of bisexuality causing unhappiness, but these kinds of causal relationships are often reciprocal.

  3. ben, possibly a general screwed-up-ness contributes to both an unstable sexual identity (which may manifest itself as bisexuality) and unhappiness.


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