Saturday, February 01, 2020

Why I write about human biodiversity

We HBD-ers are in an unfair situation.  I'll explain it with an analogy.  My wife is a beautiful woman, but let's imagine she's ugly as sin. And let's add she would make a good Jerry Springer guest.

Now, imagine we're at a dinner party, and all the attractive people there make her feel inadequate. So she gets upset with me and starts yelling about how I am never willing to pay for high-quality cosmetics, gym memberships, or expensive cosmetic surgery. I'm very embarrassed that she is making a scene in public, but she has just slandered me, so I proceed to explain to everyone that I have paid for attractive clothing, cosmetics, gym memberships, and plastic surgery, but the simple truth is that my wife is ugly, and nothing will change that. And how does the crowd react? Do they chide her for making false, nasty accusations in front of everyone? No, the crowd turns on me and thinks I'm an asshole for saying out loud that my wife is ugly.

People who report the facts about human diversity get the same kind of treatment. Liberals denounce whites publicly all the time for keeping minorities poor and dysfunctional. When we explain that the causes of minority problems are internal--for example, that they are due to lower intelligence--and that they don't have much to do with us, the crowd doesn't see the accusers as really nasty and unfair; instead, they turn on us as being insulting and abusive. And for the Left, being rude reveals that one is filled with hate.

I know that many HBD advocates preach truth first, middle, and last. I have another view.  If my wife were ugly, I wouldn't say it even though it's true. I would be diplomatic. I would only speak of it if I really needed to--perhaps if she were packing her bags to devote her life to becoming a Hollywood starlet. You speak unpleasant truths if you need to defend yourself, or it's the only way to help; if it's really necessary. And you don't go on about it.

The only reason I go on about HBD issues all the time is because the Left is destroying our society with its lying, irrational race obsession. I'm trying to help. I'll shut up when they do.

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  1. Adrian E.4:02 AM

    I think it is quite obvious that the liberal ideas about race - a combination of a strong meritocratic ideology with accusations of racism - is strictly designed to benefit affluent (mostly White) liberals. On one hand, they need a strong version of a meritocratic ideology in order not to feel bad about their affluence, and on the other hand, they know that many leftists would never accept the degree of inequality that exists. So, the only solution to uphold a strong version of a meritocratic ideology and to condemn at least a part of the existing inequality in order to keep the left in check, they have to claim that poverty among people of color is fully due to racism, discrimination, and microaggessions (while poverty among White people is alright because they are deplorables).

    I don't expect affluent liberals to give up ideas that are specifically designed to justify their economic interests. I think it is more likely that more people of color will come to the conclusion that those liberal ideas don't benefit them in any way and that they would be better off if they were more accepting of the recognition of group differences and combined this with some leftist ideas for diminishing overall economic inequality.


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