Monday, April 29, 2019

Data: Dot Indians are the most industrious Americans. Feather Indians, the least. Hispanics are in the middle.

Sociologists assume that a man lacking a job is the fault of the economic system. He would take any job if it were simply available.  Common sense and behavioral genetic research contradict this. Industriousness is largely caused by genes, and people vary a great deal in this trait. Some people cannot take it easy, and some cannot not take it easy. I've talked to many people over the years who refuse to take jobs that are not acceptable to them.  That's the reality in America. Sure, you might have a small percentage with REAL health problems, but those are the exceptions. 

So I'm going to use full-time work as a measure of industriousness.  I'm interested in racial and ethnic differences. Men and women still differ in employment, so let's focus on just the men. Here are the percentages of American men ages 30-64 who are employed full-time listed by ethnic group:

Percent employed full-time

Asian Indian  85.0
Jewish  84.0
Dutch  84.7
Portuguese  82.6
Japan  82.2
Russian  81.8
Spanish  81.8
Greek  81.6
Romanian  80.0
Polish  79.3
German  79.1
Mexican  78.7
Italian  78.6
West Indian  78.6
Danish  78.5
Norwegian  77.6
Austrian  77.5
Scottish  77.5
Chinese  76.9
Hispanic  76.9

US Total  75.7

Irish  75.7
English/Welsh  75.4
Czech  74.8
Swedish  75.3
French Canadian  75.1
Belgium  75.0
Arab  74.7
Hungarian  73.5
French  72.9
Filipinos  71.4
Muslim  71.2
Puerto Rican  68.6
Black  67.4
Lithuanian  67.4
Finnish  66.7
American Indian  55.6

Looks about right. For a moment, let's compare the top group with the lowest. If it were true that discrimination determines who works, why would Asian Indians surpass every single white group?  Wouldn't a bigot choose the lamest white person over a South Asian?  While American Indians are also non-whites, at least most of them are Christians. Wouldn't a bigot choose a Christian over a heathen Hindu?  American Indians have a tragic history, and whites feel bad about that. They were here long before Europeans. Wouldn't an employer choose a Real Red American over an immigrant invader, just off the boat?

And yet, Asian Indians tower over all other groups. Why? Because biology explains better than sociology.

By the way, I'm at a cafe, and seated at the next table over is a Native American. He's super friendly. He's always here, and I'm not sure he's old enough to be retired, but he doesn't seem particularly busy. The Asian Indian guy I always see here is also popular, but he owns a business and uses the cafe to network.



    Transistor... computer... Green Revolution... Landing on the Moon...

    Then, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 sets in and...

    1. Anonymous8:53 PM

      What about European countries? Their tech sectors are still dominated by native Europeans. They haven't had as much immigration as the US, and the immigration they've had has been mainly underclass immigrants who don't work in the tech sector. Why haven't the European tech sectors been dominating?

  2. And, as for Finns bottoming out just above Amerindans:

    "Solving the puzzle of why Finns have the highest IQ, but one of the lowest number of Nobel prizes in Europe"

    Article in Intelligence 46(1):192–202
    DOI: 10.1016/j.intell.2014.06.006

    Industriousness is not the same as inventiveness or creativity.

    Confusing the two is, of course, what any hive-like genotype that is taking over an individualist genotype's turf would like us to think.

    You don't go from 70% American to 70% south Asian STEM workers in Silicon Valley in less than a generation on merit. You do it on hive behavior. Busy busy bees exuding pheromones in the form of memes -- the kind of memes that gets them Affirmative Action preference less than a decade after it is enacted to benefit the descendants of slaves in the US.

  3. Indians do well because they only hire each other. Ethnocentric groups will always outperform individualists but individualists will always build better nations which is why ethnocentric people want to live in white nations. White people are the only individualists and its killing us.


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