Monday, November 20, 2017

Liberal men, sexist pigs?

I analyzed General Social Survey data a few years and showed that liberal women are more likely than conservatives to report being victims of sexual harassment. My take at the time was that liberal ideology makes women define normal sexual advances as inappropriate and abusive. But now I'm wondering if liberal women simply work around many liberal men, and liberal men simply lack the old-fashioned chivalry found more often among conservatives.

Here's a replication:

Percent reporting sexual harassment over past 5 years

Extremely liberal  23.7
Liberal  18.9
Slightly liberal  19.5 
Moderate  16.7  
Slightly conservative  19.3
Conservative  15.9
Extremely conservative  10.3


Thursday said...

One of the Big 5 traits that predicts liberalism is low Conscientiousness, i.e. lack of self control.

Anonymous said...

well theres another possibility actually its the answer, liberal women are slutty they act in ways that signal men to assume they want it. And they do from guys like me but they reserve the right to determine unwanted passes as creepy and harassment.

Anonymous said...

Could you please link to the raw data? That would greatly enhance the impact of this post.

Ron Guhname said...;jsessionid=48839FC2EE1F491D298121C6998B4037?dataset=gss16

Dan said...

Liberals live in a singles/casual dating world, while conservatives live in a marriage world, very broadly speaking.

There is massive room for misunderstanding in the singles/casual dating world and very little room for misunderstanding in a marriage world.

Dan said...

In short, marriage is clear, public and well-understood consent, done officially under the law.

Liberals have rejected these boundaries, openly and vociferously.