Monday, November 20, 2017

Liberal men, sexist pigs?

I analyzed General Social Survey data a few years and showed that liberal women are more likely than conservatives to report being victims of sexual harassment. My take at the time was that liberal ideology makes women define normal sexual advances as inappropriate and abusive. But now I'm wondering if liberal women simply work around many liberal men, and liberal men simply lack the old-fashioned chivalry found more often among conservatives.

Here's a replication:

Percent reporting sexual harassment over past 5 years

Extremely liberal  23.7
Liberal  18.9
Slightly liberal  19.5 
Moderate  16.7  
Slightly conservative  19.3
Conservative  15.9
Extremely conservative  10.3

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Liberals have no standards. I grew up in a liberal household and it was a free for all. There were drugs, there was violence, and any attempt I made to rein in the adults and other child in the house was met with shouting at me. How dare I get in the way of them enjoying themselves! — That was the sentiment.

    Liberals also have no tolerance for conservatives. For my entire childhood, I was exposed to vitriol directed at conservatives, while these same liberals bragged about how "tolerant" they were. But, like I said: they have no standards. It's very easy to contradict yourself when you aren't working from principles, you're just following whatever fleeting emotion has gripped you in the moment.

    Given the lack of standards and the intolerance for conservatives, you could safely bet that those who are extremely conservative and extremely liberal are probably not spending much time together. Whether you take the extremes or the two groups at either extreme, you're still left with conservatives having significantly fewer reports of sexual harassment. I wouldn't doubt that this is due to conservatives having a tendency to hold themselves to standards.

    Just to illustrate an example of how hypocritical these liberals can be, tonight a self-professed liberal/socialist used extremely sexist language with me. I called him out on it in a polite way. He defended his usage of sexist language, claiming that he found it more "poetic." I told him that I thought that he could do better. He tried to justify talking in a sexist way. But, he just ended up sounding ridiculous. His girlfriend was there (also a liberal/socialist) and while she agreed it was sexist, she seemed to fully accept the fact that he didn't care at all about speaking that way. This isn't the first time this has happened. It won't be the last. — Both of them are fully-grown adults. Both of them marched in the Women's March. Both of them have belittled Trump for being sexist.

    I realize this comment is a bit long, but I hope it gives some perspective on the possible explanations for the above statistics.


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