Friday, September 09, 2016

Does ignorance or familiarity breed contempt?

Does ignorance or familiarity breed racism against blacks?

To answer this question, I correlated how cool a white person feels towards blacks with the percent of the population in their region that is black (General Social Survey data). The correlation across nine census divisions is .48--a strongly positive correlation.

In other words, whites who live in areas with more blacks--an indication that one has had more actual experience with blacks--tend to feel cooler toward them.

The data suggests that familiarity breeds contempt, not affection. 



  1. Wow. Just now saw you were back. Welcome!

  2. Santoculto piece und luv6:24 PM

    Always this situation

    ''how cool/good a WHITE/non-black person is around black people''

    but the opposite pattern is likely to be true

    ''how cool/good a BLACK person is around other people**''

    Most part of time, blacks cause ''racism'' because they, on avg or disproportionately are rude, stupid, quasi-savage with other people.

    blacks, on avg, are far to be the victim here, they are most part of the time the first provocateurs.

  3. Where's the full Data on this?



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