Friday, July 06, 2012

Church attendance, alcohol, divorce, and suicide

Here are a number of additional cross-national correlations that are supportive of a socially conservative orientation (the church data is from here and the divorce data from here):

Pearson Correlations

Alcohol consumption--crude divorce rate .61 (strong relationship)
Crude divorce rate--suicide rate .49 (medium)
Weekly church attendance--alcohol consumption -.40 (medium)
Weely church attendance--suicide -.42 (medium)
Weekly church attendance--crude divorce rate -.34 (medium)


DR said...

You should do a PCA analysis on these values.

You're assuming that there's a single common social conservative factor driving the cross-correlation. I'd wager against it, i.e. that the second and third PCs eigenvalues are almost as large as the first.

Nick B Steves said...

I'd've thought drinking would correlate negatively with the divorce rate... Liquor may be the only thing that makes marriage bearable...

Ba-dump... crash.

Mac said...

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