Friday, July 06, 2012

Church attendance, alcohol, divorce, and suicide

Here are a number of additional cross-national correlations that are supportive of a socially conservative orientation (the church data is from here and the divorce data from here):

Pearson Correlations

Alcohol consumption--crude divorce rate .61 (strong relationship)
Crude divorce rate--suicide rate .49 (medium)
Weekly church attendance--alcohol consumption -.40 (medium)
Weely church attendance--suicide -.42 (medium)
Weekly church attendance--crude divorce rate -.34 (medium)


  1. You should do a PCA analysis on these values.

    You're assuming that there's a single common social conservative factor driving the cross-correlation. I'd wager against it, i.e. that the second and third PCs eigenvalues are almost as large as the first.

  2. I'd've thought drinking would correlate negatively with the divorce rate... Liquor may be the only thing that makes marriage bearable...

    Ba-dump... crash.

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